Projects HSE and QA/QC Manager


  • Al Ahmadi, Kuwait
  • Permanent
  • Full-time
  • 11 days ago
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Major Accountabilities of the Position:

Project Performance
  • Liaise with location and project management as the HSE and Quality focal point for all aspects of project delivery.
  • Provide support for the successful set up and mobilisation of projects. Assist with the identification and appointment Risk, HSE and Quality project resources.
  • Assist in building solutions for projects and intervene and troubleshoot on projects where performance indicates this is required, or as requested by leadership. Help build and deploy actions plans and provide short-term ‘hands on’ support for projects as needed. Ensure that project specific fatal risks are identified and effectively managed.
  • Provide specialist advice and support including conduct of investigations, response to customer and community complaints, assessments, risk assessments and provision of other subject matter guidance and support. Escalate as required to the project manager, location leader Director and performance issues that are left unmanaged.
  • Facilitate implementation of assurance processes and tools by actively visiting work locations and sites to assess the risk and effectiveness of assurance practices in place. This includes conducting regular HSE conversations, assurance leadership interactions, assurance talks, training sessions, implementation of assurance measures, promotion of safe work practices and ensuring interest & awareness of assurance is maintained at all levels. Check supplier evaluation and inspection programs as appropriate.
  • Coach, influence, motivate and empower others with regards to assurance and the achievement of Worley Life safety and wellbeing programs such as the Life Saving Rules (LSR). Understand and communicate the assurance performance, strengths and weaknesses of any project visited to the Project Manager and make recommendations and offer advice.
  • Gather end of project data to validate and improve assurance benchmarking for estimates.
Customer Advocacy and Proposal Support
  • Engage with customers to ensure that customer assurance expectations and requirements are met. Build relationships with customer counterparts, customer operational and project personnel.
  • Maintain strong relationships with business development, support pursuit efforts, assist with development of proposals, and work to ensure estimates include adequate assurance allocation. Assist with customer pitches when required.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of risk management activities within the locations and projects, particularly for any significant changes or major decisions, and provide advice and support.
  • Facilitate functional and project risk workshops, reviews and discussions as needed and assist with development and achievement of risk mitigation plans.
  • Ensure that business opportunities are properly evaluated regarding the risks involved and that appropriate approvals are achieved, treatment plans considered and transitioned to delivery teams.
  • Support office and project R3 planning, preparation, drills and other activities as appropriate. Assist with office and project emergency management as needed, in particular journey planning, injury management and evaluation of medical providers and clinics.
Insight and Influencing Action
  • Take a leadership role within the location businesses and seek out and elevate any areas of exposure for both the business and for individuals. Participate in operational meetings, including Monthly Project Reviews.
  • Communicate relevant and timely assurance information to the right stakeholders. Contribute to continual improvement and achievement of stated performance objectives by raising awareness of trends, risks and emerging themes; and by setting, tracking and reporting upon leading KPIs. Understand the assurance performance, strengths and weaknesses, and the culture within the business and drive action. Make recommendations, offer advice, liaise with and influence personnel.
Billable resourcing allocation
  • Ensure competent and fit for purpose assurance personnel are appointed that can meet the requirements of the project, contract and customer expectations.
  • Ensure all billable assurance personnel within your jurisdiction have an indication of future project opportunities. Communicate with other Business Partners to identify possible opportunities.
Assurance Planning and Improvement
  • Support the Regional Assurance Plan through conduct of assigned assessments. Facilitate effective implementation of non-conformance, corrective action, and preventive action management processes.
  • Support strategy and improvement initiatives by providing input and assisting with development of materials as requested.
  • Assist Locations to understand assurance requirements and deploy applicable parts of the strategy.
  • Role model and promote corporate responsibility and diversity and inclusion across offices and projects.
  • Assist offices to maintain quality management systems fit for ISO 9001 certification, and if needed for safety and environment certifications.
  • Provide support to offices as needed, particularly to offices not overseen by another assurance resource. Ensure small projects with field work have assurance support to manage risk and deliver successful assurance outcomes.
  • Assist to identify training needs and deliver training on assurance systems and associated business processes as required. Steward improved uptake of the Worley Assurance System by leadership, operations and delivery.
Team Development
  • Lead the professional development of assurance personnel within your jurisdiction and provide coaching and mentoring to encourage professional growth.
  • Ensure all assurance personnel, including billable, within your jurisdiction have a personal development plan underpinned by KPIs reinforcing the individual development planning.
  • In conjunction with the appropriate management, recruit and allocate assurance resources to ensure that the business and projects are adequately resourced with sufficient and capable expertise.
  • Collaborate to share best practice, lessons learnt and improve knowledge management. Contribute to the success of relevant internal networks.
Provide opportunity for sharing of assurance personnel where their areas of subject matter expertise can provide value added support across your jurisdiction.

  • Stay abreast of emerging assurance issues and legislation. Keep the business updated with relevant requirements, and assist with compliance to assurance legislation, and where applicable customer assurance requirements.
  • Actively promulgate Worley Life and the Worley way of working, support the implementation of new company systems and programs as they come available. Aid personnel in their understanding and correct interpretation of Company business processes and systems

Industry Specific Experience:
  • 15+ years of either HSE, quality or risk experience, with minimum of 5 years working in a management capacity
  • 5 Years experience working in the Middle East as a Minimum
  • Bsc degree in an Engineering discipline.
  • 2+ years of industry relevant experience including in a site based project HSE, quality or risk role on large or complex projects involving procurement and contractor management
  • 2+ years of facilitation of leadership meetings, formal workshops, learning sessions, risk assessments
  • Experience implementing ISO 9000 and 14000 series and International Standards relevant to the O&G industry
Job Specific Knowledge:
  • Strong demonstrable knowledge of risk, quality and HSE business and project processes and field practices
  • Experience with project delivery procedures and processes
  • Understanding of commercial and strategic business drivers
  • Strong stakeholder management and leadership skills
  • Good presentation, training and communication skills to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Skilled in workshop facilitation, problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Strong time management skills including ability to meet deadlines and manage priorities
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Ability to maintain confidential information
HSE Capability:
  • Demonstrate behaviour and business practices commensurate with a culture of world’s best health, safety, and environmental performance.
  • Exhibit leadership and commitment to meet the Worley vision of its safety and wellbeing program, Worley Life
  • Understand and champion the expectations of Worley programs that enhance HSE performance, e.g. IOGP Life Saving Rules, Worley Life, “Take 5 for Safety” and other relevant initiatives shared across the industry.
Quality Capability:
  • Demonstrate ability to develop assurance monitoring programs in support of the Worley management system and the ISO 9001 standard.
  • Ability to apply a risk-based approach to developing assurance planning and priority to corrective measures required to improve process implementation.
  • Exhibit ability to lead and execute assessment activities at project and location level.
  • Understand the outcomes of assessments and support improvement in the areas identified having weaknesses.
Analytical problem-solving skills

IT Skills:
  • Advanced user in MS Office applications and MS SharePoint, MS Teams (Virtual Meeting Systems), OneDrive
  • Knowledge of systems (assurance systems)
  • Analytical problem solving skills
People Skills:
  • Deliver quality services and demonstrate a commitment to understand and meet customer needs.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and effectively manages and resolves conflict between individuals and/or groups. Able to work effectively in small to large multi-disciplinary teams, and share and transfer knowledge within teams.
  • Proactive and able to negotiate successful outcomes that achieve the required objectives and have the support and acceptance of all parties.
  • Ability to apply analytical skills, intelligence and knowledge to problem solving or meet deadlines, and able to ask for assistance if required
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to convey information and ideas to individuals and groups, and make presentations when required.
  • Excellent management skills including the ability to plan, set goals; and manage time, priorities, resources, accountabilities, schedules and cost.
  • Effectively manages change to work tasks and the work environment, and assists others with adapting to change.
  • Act in the best interests of Worley and it stakeholders at all times.


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